11 October 2013

Throwback Thursday - on Friday

Hi everyone :)

I swear I will never leave the save heaven that is my flat ever again. There was no wifi to be found anywhere in Munich. The bad world out there didn't allow me to upload a blog last night although I stayed up till 12 am to try and figure it out. Eve tried to use my phone's internet as a hotspot but that was not even fast enough to load my twitter feed much less upload a blog post. 
So here it is, a day late. 

Can you still remember your first job? The first real responsibility you took on?
Well I do. I must have been around 12/ 13 ish and my grandma had been in charge of our local community paper. 
However after my granddad died she couldn't do it on her own anymore so she 'hired' me a s a little helper.
I started of with 44 papers once a week. I remember we got 10 cents for each one so all in all I earned 4,40 € a week which is close to nothing and you can't even go to the movies with that little money but it felt so good.
To be working for my own money was great and being able to by something after a whole month of saving up was the best feeling in the world. 
So doing a paper round was my first job! Now this got me wondering: Is that just a German thing or do people all over the world do that? Is doing a paper round when your are 13 a thing?
Or is it just a German thing because I had loads of friends who did the same thing. Some did the local newspaper others did the magazine that our sports club brought out once a month and so on.

I think I did that till I was about 17 so for a total of around 5 years. At some point my grandma decided that it would be much better if she paid us at the end of each month rather then ever week.
But I know that with the first 4,40€ I bought something from Diddl which again might be a total German thing. Basically it was this mouse:


And there were different items that you could collect and we all did. We were crazy for that thing. I ever had the magazine :D

Does anyone who doesn't live in Germany know what Diddl is? I would love to know because I honestly have no idea. I don't even know if it really is a German thing, even though I know the artists name. 
What was your first job? And what did you buy with the first real money you had earned? 
I think it is important that we start with these little jobs at an early age. Not only do we leaner that we can't always be living off our parents but we also get a chance to experience what money is really worth. To a point where we don't take the things we have for granted anymore. At least that is what doing a paper round and getting paid to do it did for me. I suddenly started thinking about how many weeks I had to save up till I could buy something and that set things in a whole new perspective.
I loved it for most parts, not so much when it was raining though :D


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