21 October 2013

Musical Monday

Hi everyone :)

Lets listen to some music shall we?

I like this kind of music at the moment, it is also quite good to listen to while studying, that's what I've noticed. Just some slow songs with  a good rhythm and real instruments

Family of the Year - Hero

Mighty Oaks - Just One Day

Husdon Taylor - Chasing Rubies

And since YouTube is being a bitch you will just have to use this link to actually get to the song :)

Enjoy and have a good start into the week.
Mine started with a explosion and I actually am talking about an explosion. 
The people who own the back of our house are having some building work done and had a little accident today.
The workers were soldering some copper pipes together and then their soldering bolt kind off backfired on them and some gas came out the wrong way and there was an explosion. There was a wall that nearly came down and the pressure in our hallway was enough to break our front door. It literally came out of it's hinges and the lock broke, now it wont close anymore.
Luckily no one was really hurt although one of the workers has a mild concussion from being dashed against the wall.
Other then that we are fine but it was a bit of a shock to be honest. 
I thoroughly hope all of your weeks started a lot less stressful :)


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