23 October 2013

Fashion Blogs

Hi everyone :)

There are so many different fashion blogs out there that it can sometimes be hard to find good ones. 
I have two favourites that I thought would be worth sharing. They also appear on my sideboard with the links but they are worth another mention.

First up is a blog called 'Fashion Influx'.
Here is the link :

The author is the gorgeous Lydia who you can find on various social media websites as well as her blog obviously :D

Her styles is a good kind of different that I like very much, although I am not brave enough to wear most of the outfits, I take some good inspirations away from it. It's a bit edgy but sweet at the same time and very feminine.
You should go check out her blog it is great an I thoroughly enjoy reading it and getting outfit inspirations :)

The 2. blog I really enjoy is called 'Salted Roses'

and written by Amy.

She does loads of different things like OOTD's or some beauty things and even a bit of lifestyle here and there but mostly fashion. And I am absolutely in LOVE with her outfits.
I would wear everything that has ever been on that blog, seriously. 

Both blogs are very coordinated and not overloaded with information or colours. The focus on what's important, that being fashion and the way different fabrics and patterns go together :)

Enjoy :)


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