12 October 2013

Find your Face

Hi everyone :)

So I recently discovered a website that I find incredibly interesting and quite scary at the same time.
Basically on this website you can find you Facebook profile picture and the ones of everyone who has Facebook for that matter. 

When I first clicked on it I couldn't quite get my head around the idea of it but then I linked my Facebook with it and found myself. 
Also if you do that the website will show you where all of your friends are.

So here am I:

I am face 323,225,233 and that is when for me it started to become scary. Because that number is nothing I can get my head around. It is so huge!

All the white spots are the friend I have on Facebook. 
It is a bit scary to see how many people actually use this particular social network and that crating a website like this is possible.
By the way the person who created this is not against any privacy policies because they don't actually own the pictures but just display them on their website.

You should have a look yourself, maybe find yourself and see what big number in this mass of faces you are. 

have fun and spread the word :)


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