9 October 2013

Just another Day and just another Outfit

Hi everyone :)

I am kind of loosing track of time here. I have no clue what day it is today which is why I have no clue what the theme for today is. 

Oh hang on, it's Wednesday right? I could be completely wrong here and it could be Thursday but I'm just gonna write about fashion anyway :)

The other day I read a blog post by Kandee Johnson about the way we dress and I got inspired by it. 
We, each and every one of us, have a different style. You can not tell me that there are two people with the same style as there are no two people in this world who even look the same. Yes we might have the same fashion idols but still everyone makes something different with it and takes something different away from it. 
Do we each have our own individual style and that is a good thing. No one should be there to tell us that what we dress as is not appropriate, 'as you are classy and covering up what should be kept private' just like Kandee says in the post on her blog.

So why do we feel intimidated, to a point where we don't wear stuff anymore, by people who say they don't like what we are wearing?
Why is it that we feel like everyone is staring at us whenever we try something new. 
And why do we feel the need to defend ourselves for the clothes we have?
I personally have gotten to a point where I can say: I am comfortable with myself and what I wear and I honestly don't give a f*** about people who don't like the way I dress. 
I mean that should be their problem we can not let our style be determined by other people. 
The stuff we wear represents us after all. Our style is a way of expressing ourselves. There is a reason why people say that clothes make people. 

I think a outfit says a lot about someone personality even if people might find that a bit harsh. Because I have been told before that they feel like I was judging them on the basis of what they were wearing. 
I don't judge anyone. Not on what they are wearing and not on their personality. If I don't like someones personality I will just not spend time with them and tell them very nicely that they are just not my kind of person. And that is okay! We are not expected to get along with everyone.

But back to clothes:
I don't think I am ever in a position to tell someone that the way they dress is not appropriate (as long as their boobs are not hanging out that is). 
A persons style is just as much free as their opinion is. So it is okay to say: I don't like what you wear in a sense that I would never wear it myself. But you can not tell them it is not okay to wear it just because you don't like it. 
I mean how boring would it be if everyone just wore the same thing. That would be like everyone looking the same.

I don't even think I have a particular style at least not unless wearing whatever you feel like is suddenly considered a style :D
Most days I just wear a pair of Vans, with jeans that I roll up to my ankles, mostly combined with a Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt and a leather jacket. If it's cold I'll wear a scarf with it.

So just wear what you like and tell people who don't like it kindly to f*** off. 
Don't feel like you have to defend what you are wearing and people who criticize your style should definitely worry about their own life, because why would you spend time on telling someone you don't like what they do when you could use that time to tell someone else how great they are?
Be confident because there will always be people who don't like what you do, nothing you can do about it. It is how you react to it that counts. And someone criticizing what you wear should not cause you to question yourself! Stand up for yourself and what you like, which includes you choice of clothing. 

Just be nice to people and avoid the ones you don't get along with. Hate has never gotten anyone anywhere, might as well save the time. 

And just at the end I would like all of you to read the blog post that inspired me to write this: So you're gonna say something about how I dress?
It is really good and so is the rest of her blog :)
Blog recommendation everyone :D
Also while you're at it: Go check out her YouTube channel :)

Enjoy your night and maybe try to wear the outfit you were never sure about tomorrow!


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