27 October 2013

Creative Sunday

 Hi everyone :)

The weekend is over again. What a shame. Well at least I had a great Sunday. I spent it in bed :D
What did you do over the weekend? 
We initially had planned to go hiking but the weather spiked our guns. It was raining for all of you that haven't guessed already :)

So since Sundays are dedicated to everything creative I though I would share some of my writing with you. It's something I got inspired to do by an album title and I am not fully happy with it yet but I might just need to dwell on it for a bit longer maybe it will come to me :)
So you'll get to see my I-am-not-happy-with-it-yet version that I still quite like :)

Midnight Memories

We have all the time in the world,
no rush and no urgency.
It is bewitching to look into his eyes!
No one has ever looked at me like that before!
It is as if I was the center of his universe.
His to take care of

I melt into him and get lost in his loving expression.
His breath caresses my neck, 
leaving me almost frustrated longing for his touch.
And when I get it it's electrifying,
his hands flow over my skin like a warm 
summer breeze.
I have never been touched like that before!
I close my eyes

His finger leaving a trail of goose bumps,
making me shiver.
Everything I am seems to blur into him.
I dissolve!
There is no more me without him!
No more edges between our bodies,
all becomes one and I never felt 
more complete

It doesn't make me weaker but stronger.
I feel like warm wind is wrapping me
in a protective embrace,
like I am made of glass and could break.
Because in that moment I really feel like breaking apart

Do I deserve to be treasured like that?
I am his most precious!
I was his most precious.
But if I close my eyes I can almost taste it again.
Hold onto it and never let go.
It is what it is: 
a midnight memory

I'll never forget!

And a little photo of mine I have edited a bit and added a little something to:

I have this weird obsession with taking pictures of doors at the moment and adding little quirky quotes to it.
Good, bad? Something I should continue doing or completely forget about?
I would love to get some thoughts on this :)


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