27 October 2013

It's late and flatmates

Hi everyone :)

Wow I did not realise it was already this late :)
I had a great day even though I spend most of it in bed :D
Do you get those days where you feel like you wont get anything done and then you manage to actually get a lot done and you just feel amazing? That is how today went for me :)

Moving on to flatmates and the feeling of having to kill someone :D
Living with 3 guys sounds a lot easier then it actually is.
There are so many things that drive you crazy that you didn't even know about before. And if it weren't for P. (the one I went to Oktoberfest with) I think I would have already strangled one of the other two :D
I mean not only are they extremely messy but the also don't seem to be able to do anything on their own.
Neither of the two others can manage more then 4 days without me.
Like when I went on holiday for 3 weeks. I wrote everything that was important down on a piece of paper, like our landlords phone number and stuff like that.
I was only gone for 3 days and I already had them asking me for said phone number and other things. 
It can drive one crazy I can tell you. Or then our washing machine stopped working and one of them texted me saying: I think our washing machine is broken (I was already in New Zealand at that point). The only thing I did was laugh to be honest because what was I supposed to do? Even if that damn thing was broken I was still half an earth away and in a completely different time zone. Yeah the perks of being the only female in a household of 4 :D
Although I have to say that P. doesn't need me at all which is good cause there is only so much babysitting I can manage :)
The weird thing with this situation is that I still would not want to live with anyone else. They are my 3 guys and I love them even if I want to rip their heads of most of the time haha.

What fascinates me about living with guys is the fact that some girls manage to fall for one of the people they are living with. I can't even imagine dating one of those filthy buggers. Okay they are not that bad but still: No way. 
I mean yeah I know them very well and all that but I also know what living with them would be like. And I can tell you that there is no room for romantic feelings after you have washed their dirty underwear that they just leave on the bathroom floor after having a shower. 
Nope not gonna happen!
I don't get how other girls do that. I could never fall for one of my flatmates. Getting to know a guy who you live with is totally different then getting to know a guy who you met somewhere and who ask you for your number.
Two very different animals let me tell you. 
I mean you living with a guy the first things you get to know are his habits and his daily routines and stuff like: how he likes his tea, what kind of toothpaste he uses, the way he makes his breakfast or how often he washes his sheets. And in between learning all that you get to know his character as well. But by that point you might already be to annoyed with him ti ding his personality even slightly attractive :D I don't know that's the best I can explain it!

But if you get to know a guy on a going o dates level you will learn a lot of other things first, like: His hobbies, how many siblings he has, where he is from, what he likes and dislikes simply put the things that will most likely make you fall in love with him if in addition to that he also is a nice guy. 
All the habits and weird or quirky thing he does all come in later after you might already be in a relationship with him. That basically means that you are on a completely different level and are more likely to accept these things ish ;)
I hope you get what I mean because I don't know a different way of explaining it!

I still love my flatmates to bits but dating them is just nothing that I can ever see happening.
Do you live with someone of the different sex? Could you fall in love with them?
Or if you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend, would you have moved in with them if you had know how they are on a daily basis?
And I don't want anyone questioning their relationship here :D I am just a bit curious and I try to understand how others do it, because my cousin now has a daughter with her former flatmate and they have been together for about 5 ish years.


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