13 October 2013

Creative Sunday

Hi everyone :)

 It is sunday, the weekend is over, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the last hours of our weekend :) And we will do that by watching this incredible clip that I found on vimeo. I have been meaning to blog about it for ages now but never actually really felt like doing so, but it feels just right for today. I watched it again right before I started this post and it is amazingly good. The guy who made it took 80.000 pictures over the time of 3 years in different cities all over the world and made this little clip.


 I genuinely am a big fan of these sort of clips. Good pictures of people tell you a story and I like the idea of getting a short glimpse into somebody else's life. A good photographer can capture so much in a simply picture of someones face and I always find that breathtaking.
But not only does he capture people beautifully no he also has some incredible shots from cities and things like candles and so on. 
And the way it is edited goes so perfectly along with the pictures. 

I consider this a modern piece of art and hope you can enjoy this as much as I did.
If you are more of a Youtube person, he also has his own channel: Gioacchino Petronicce :)


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