30 October 2013

Rings and other Things

Hi everyone :)

There is a view things I have learned today and I can now say that I am an absolute idiot. Period!
I have cut myself countless times on various books in the library today whilst trying to study and almost ran into a door.
Yeah you never learn from that one, or at least I don't for some reason. 

The other thing that you would think I learned from is getting on the wrong tram. Now this is not like I just walk up to the tram station and get on the wrong tram this is due to the confusing public transport system we have in Augsburg. Because we have so many construction zones here our trams and busses and all that stuff are always late.
And I am just to trusting when it comes to public transport, if the time table say the tram is due at 6.07 pm I get on the tram that arrives at 6.07 pm without checking what line it is. Also there is that moment you get your seat and just instantly start relaxing because you know you have at least 15 minutes till have to get off so you might as well put in your headphones and kill the time listening to music. Well that is exactly how I always end up somewhere I don't want to go. 
So yeah that happened.

I just realized how completely useless that whole paragraph is because honestly who is interested in that J.? 
Well it is written now and you will all just have to read it now :D
Not really

And now I am watching Asterix, good times :)

And now to the fashion side of things. Or at least somewhere along those lines.
I love rings and am quite positive that I am not alone with that. I just think they make your hands look really elegant for some reason.
And I love to wear them and more then one preferably :)

Something along the lines of these:

And yes I did rob the ring tag on tumblr, but hey my inspiration has to come from somewhere :)

And then there are these days where you just feel like one ring isn't enough, that's when this happens:

I am a real accessories person. I wear bracelets and rings to an extend where other people think it is too much. But just like with all the other things: I do my own thing and if you don't like it then just kindly f*** off :)
I like my jewelry and the best place to get amazing new jewelry is Fab
Just a little example:

You will also be able to find a lot of other amazing things on there. It is always a great place to look if you need a present or something :)


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