28 January 2015

Crying out Loud

Hi dear lovely readers

There is a new post up on the new blog go check it out :)


Enjoy :)


23 January 2015

I moved :)

Hi everyone :)

I moved my little platform from here to a new place. Come visit me there :)

You will be very welcome there and I would love you to leave a little comment telling me if you like it.

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16 August 2014

A little too set on being perfect

I have always know that if I start something I want to finish it to the best of my ability. I always want the things I create to be perfect, that being a drawing a text I wrote or a photo I have taken. Or even the more simple things like decorating a cake painting a room. 
And sometimes that can get a little frustrating because most of the time you just wont be able to do something exactly the way you imagined it.
It's human but I tend to get really upset with myself.
And as a result I just stop doing it all together. Which then leads to me being more frustrated because I gave up on it to soon. 
It turns into a cycle that I can't break and no matter what way I look at it, always ends up with me being angry with myself. 

I have a drawing that has been sitting on my desk for almost half a year now because it hasn't turned out exactly how I wanted it to. And it isn't even done yet. 
I am extremely strict with myself but I have come to realize that it isn't getting me anywhere. Because at the end of the day I am only putting myself down. I don't even give myself the option of finishing something, showing it to somebody else and getting their opinion on it. 
I mean lets be honest the artist is most of the time to close to his art to actually tell if it is good or not. Deep down we are all perfectionists and can never quite believe that what we created is good enough. 
I don't know how to overcome this urge to only create perfection yet but I am working on that. 
Continuing that drawing is the first step for me. And finishing it is the goal without thinking about how it looks. Just getting it done, so I can look at the finished thing and decide if I really don't like it. 
Giving up half way through just because I feel like it won't turn out exactly the way I want it is not an option anymore. 
I really want to stop being a quitter since that is what it feels like right now.

I think that not finishing something out of fear is cowardly. How can I be afraid of it not being perfect if I don't even finish it. 
So as of now I will finish my work before I give up.
My perfectionism is also the reason why I am still working on my pictures that I took on my little weekend holiday in Lübeck. I don't want to overdo them as I am quite proud of them but I feel like some of them might need some work. 
I hope you can wait on them a little longer and u until then, why don't you try to finish something you might have given up on already. 

I just got done with a painting I had put away for reasons listed above and actually finishing it felt really good. I am not one hundred percent happy with it but I am starting to accept that perfection is overrated!


11 August 2014

Musical Monday

A little while back my cousin came to visit and she is a fair bit younger than I am. So there were quite a few songs I grew up with that she had never heard before. Stuff like Blue or Westlife or No Angels. Songs even I hadn't listened to in a while and it was truly great to see how awful some of these songs are :D But also that I still knew most of the lyrics. It was a little embarrassing but since I have no shame I am going to share them all with you :)

So remember any? :)


9 August 2014

5 Star Hotel

For our trip this weekend to Lübeck my dad decided to book a 5 star hotel.
I have never slept in more than a 3 star hotel and was really excited just to see one from the inside. And I have to say they don't look that different..... in the lobby. 
Upon entering the room it felt completely different.
The first hour we spent investigating the room and the minibar. They have everything. 
On Thursday night we went to the pool and the sauna they have on the ground floor. And breakfast on Friday morning was amazing. They even do pancakes. There is literally nothing they don't have. Baked beans, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bread, yogurt, curd, red berry compote, honey, jam and so on. They will surely have whatever you feel like. 

But I have to admit: As great as a 5 star hotel is with the bathrobes you get and the little sweets and everything: I would be just as happy in a 3 star hotel.  
It was and still is a great experience but I think it will be a one and only for a while. It simply is frikkin' expensive :D

But if you have the chance to do it: at least try it. 

Lübeck as a town is great and I have taken a ton of pictures already :) 
So you can definitely look forward to those :)


7 August 2014


Hello lovely people of the internet that I have been abandoning for quite some time now. I wont apologize because for me there is nothing to apologize for. I simply don't know what to blog about right now. 
I am working on the new blog like crazy but being the perfectionist I am it is taking a lot longer than expected. And other than that I just kind of ran out of things to talk about for a bit. 
Blogging is something I like to do right. Because why even bother at all if all you have to say is just something you feel obligated to but out there because you have to write something. 
Which is the reason I have decided to not commit to blogging every day anymore. It is exhausting my creativity and quite frankly kills the fun of it all a bit. I have had days before where I was frantically looking for something to blog about and I just don't feel like that is a good thing. In addition I feel kind of bad for making you guys read posts that I don't stand behind 100 percent. 

So I am giving up on that nasty habit and will now vow to never bore you gain on here :D
For now I am going on a little adventure with my dad and sister for the next couple of days and will try to blog, if I come across something worth blogging. And if I find a good enough internet connection but I am pretty sure our hotel will have one of those. 

I am also super stoked to finally be getting my new camera, that should be cool. And I will take loads of pictures on our trip that you guys can look forward to seeing :)

See you guys soon? 


1 August 2014

Food Friday - Strawberry Curd

It is time for another recipe my dear readers. I haven't posted a recipe in ages!
I recently spotted strawberry curd in our supermarket, and I don't mean the one you buy in the dairy section of the super market but self made stuff. They sold it for 2 € per 200g and I thought that was quite a lot, although I did want to try it. So I thought I would buy strawberries some curd and try to make it myself.

Here it is:


10 Strawberries
6 frozen Strawberries
200 g Greek Yogurt
250 g Curd
1 tbsp Agave Syrup

Blend both the frozen strawberries and the normal strawberries till you have a strawberry mush. 

Then mix it together with the yogurt and the curd and enjoy :)

Really easy to make but so so so good.