24 October 2013

Throwback Thursday - Fashion Fails Part II

Hi everyone :)

I went back home the other weekend and I spend quite some time going through old photo albums of ours. And boy did I find some treasures in there, because lets face it I did not have any sense of fashion whatsoever.

I mean what did my parents even think when they dressed me in this?

Let alone that I am 4 years old at that point and sleeping in a pram?
I think the flowers are what kind of saves the outfit since my jacket is so perfectly blending in with the colour of the pram .... ahhh :D

Oh and can we take a moment to talk about this hat that must have been really fashionable back then because I can not think of any other reason that justifies why my parents put that on me. 

Yeah I definitely think that I didn't agree with my parents and the fashionability of this hat :D 
I still love my parents to bits although someone should have clearly told them that dressing your kid so it looks like an idiot is not acceptable!
However I am pretty sure that my kids will say that about me when they are older as well. I still hope not but I don't think that I will get that lucky :)

Oh and don't even get me started on this one. I look like I'm drowning in that coat :) And also a bit constipated... Yeah lets not go there haha.
Although I do love the amount of easter presents that I got back then. Why is this not happening anymore? I would gladly wear a jacket like that again... Mum? Dad?

I actually have to say that I quite like this dress although I seem very unimpressed by it in this picture. I think my parents could have done a lot worse ( and have as you can see in the previous pictures! :P)

So to finish this off:
I can only say this much:



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