25 October 2013

Food Friday - Chicago

Hi everyone :)

It seems like ages ago already that I was in New Zealand. But today I finally managed to go through all my pictures I took and sort them out which is wshen I came across some I took at different kinds of restaurant that I went to with friends.
And we'll start off with one called Chicago.

It is right at the waterfront of Wellingtons harbor. They do typical American cuisine and an all you can eat pancakes buffet on Saturday mornings. Sadly it wasn't Saturday when I went with my friend L but we had a good time there anyway.

 Chicago's interior is exactly what I always imagined a American diner looking like, since I have never been to one :) I have also never been to America at least not if a 5 hours stop over at LAX doesn't count. 

As it also is a sports bar there always is some sort of sport being shown on one of the many Tv screens that they have in there. 
I especially liked the bookshelf above those seats around that table under the TV screens, it looks so comfortable. I really wanted to go sit there but it was such a gorgeous day outside that we couldn't spend it sitting inside just because I liked those seats so much. 
Both, L. and I decided on a burger and ended up getting the same one. It was really good so we did not regret it :)

this is L. he is a very dear friend that I miss loads when I'm not in Welington

They were really amazing and had I been there for longer I would have gone in on a Saturday morning. But to be quite honest I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed early enough to go there on both Saturdays I spend in Wellington :D

So if you ever are in Wellington an find your self craving a good burger that wasn't made in some fast food restaurant you should definitely give Chicago a go.

Also, go check out their website here


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