17 October 2013

Throwback Thursday - Dancing


Are you guys all good? No colds, no cough? Everyone healthy? 
Good! If not maybe my winter essentials will help?

I signed up for dancing lessons at uni today because I do believe that being able to at least waltz. Being able to dance the tango and all the other ones is just a bonus.
And signing up for that got me thinking about how I first learned to waltz.
My dad is a person who believes that you need some general knowledge and things like going to the theater or museum were always quite important to him.
And all this also involved being able to waltz for him, so back when we were quite young about 6 maybe he taught us.
Now as you can imagine mini 6 year old me was not very great at coordinating my legs :)
And this is were my dad came in again.
I remember us standing on his feet and him teaching us the steps over and over again. I think we did that for years till we were to heavy to stand on his feet. 
He would waltz around the house with us for hours and it was such good fun. It is one of my most favourtie memories of my childhood.
It all seemed so easy and carefree just standing on his feet and being walked around our living room to classical music.
Also my dad is quite tall and a real teddy bear :) I love him and am very grateful for those memories :)
When we got older eventually he taught us properly and we would still occasioanally waltz trough the house but this time on our on feet.

Did your dad do that too?
I would love to know :) Was dancing on your dad feet a thing too when you were little?


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