22 October 2013

It is strange really

Hi everyone :)

Isn't it strange how much we actually rely on our cell phones and computers?
I mean when was the last time someone wrote a letter to you? How many of your friends actually call you for your birthday instead of just texting?

And I am not saying I am any better but I have to admit I hate it.
Or the fact that more and more people just go to the movies instead of reading a book.
And all that due to the fact that it is just easier.
It is so much easier to look on Facebook for someones birthday then to actually remember it or put it in your calendar. 
It is so much easier to just write and E-mail then to take the time to write a letter and then take it to the post office. And on top of that you have to wait a whole day till the other person gets it. I mean it's outrageous isn't it?
How can it possibly take that long haha

But do you get where I'm coming from? All the other 'old' stuff is not that bad and it doesn't actually take that much longer. We are just a bit to lazy to use those kinds of things.
I find that very sad. Because there is nothing better then coming home and having a hand written letter waiting for you.
I always get very excited when I get one, but mostly it is my aunt that writes me those or my German teacher back from 11th grade.
Technically no one ma age.
I fell very old school and I wonder if some day people will ask what a letter is. 
I mean think about that! I find that incredibly scary. 
It's the same with books, barely anyone reads real hardcovers anymore. It all ebooks nor on tablets and those kindle things from amazon.
But I guess I don't mind that so much, as long as people keep reading books they might as well be ebooks.

Just the other week it was an old school friends birthday and I got my phone out and was about to text him when I thought: Why don't I just call him? So I did and he was so delighted that I called and didn't expect it at all. To him it felt like a real treat.
I mean in a era where the ultimate feeling is getting a private message on Facebook a phone call seems like a gift from heaven.
I love social media and all that but I would rather have no one congratulate me then getting thousands of comments on my wall on Facebook just saying: Happy Birthday.
And to be honest that is exactly what happened last year. My birthday isn't shown on Facebook for above said reason and literally no one remembered my birthday.
From my old school 1 person did and my best friend. Other then that only family. It hurt but I'd rather have that then all these fake ones that just write it because Facebook reminds them. I mean common it is so easy to just set yourself a reminder on your phone. So if I am not even worth the effort of typing some date into my phone I would much rather be forgotten. 

Next thing is texts ore whatsapp messages. We spend ages on our phone texting back and forth making plans when it would be so much easier to just call and have a 5 minute conversation. Although I will admit I am not doing that either, I just text till it's settled :D

I just sometime wish we would take more personal time to actually interact with each other and not all these so impersonal things like texts or messages on which ever social media platform.
They are absolutely fine from time to tie but it can't be all the way of communicating with the people around us.

So next time you think sending your friend an e-mail: Why not write them a letter instead?
And maybe call someone for their birthday and see how surprised and happy the will be about that :) Their reaction will make it worth it, promise :)

The world belongs to those who wonder it with serenity
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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