18 October 2013

Food Friday - Vapiano

Hi everyone :)

It is Friday. Yeah weekend.
But that for me also means that my semester break is finally over and uni starts again on Monday.
3. semester already, that is crazy, seems like it was yesterday that I stumbled into this crazy world that is university with absolutely no clue what I was doing.
To be fair I think I still don't know what I'm doing but shhh! 

So last week I was in Munich to help out AIFS at an exhibition. They are the organization that I went to New Zealand with. If you are interested in a year abroad you should definitely go and check out their website.
Since my cousin lives in Munich and I was there anyway we decided to go out for dinner after I was done.
We walked around for a bit until we decided that going to Vapiano was probably a good idea. 
If you're not a new reader you will know that I have been to Vapiano before but in Augsburg. You can read about that here.
The Vapiano in Munich however is a completely different thing. Sure they serve mostly the same things but the set up is a lot cooler.

It is situated in one of the many malls in central Munich and very popular. 
This particular restaurant is always well-attended and it can sometime be quite hard to find a place to sit.

So maybe plan with some waiting time that you can fill with sitting at the bar and having a drink. 
My cousin and I however were very lucky and were able to find a place to sit after a bit of looking around.

Vapiano is a self-serving restaurant however they do cook your stuff fresh at the counter and you can watch them preparing it.

I also really like the way they drew their menu on the black board above the counters.

The whole place is very open and hold in simple red and orange lights which makes for a real warm atmosphere. They have comfy arm chairs downstairs and wooden chairs and tables upstairs. 
The thing that I love about the interior of Vapiano in Munich is the round room that they have left in the middle. So sitting up stairs you kind of sit in a circle and can look down to the lower part of the restaurant. 

We went for a simple salad and a pizza tht wasn't technically a pizza but more of a bruschetta ish thing. 

It was delicious as ever and the fact that my cousins boyfriend treated us to dinner was a very much appreciated bonus :)


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