8 October 2013

Pure Entertainment

Hi everyone :)

So I thought since it is getting into the winter kind off time again and everything turns grey that we should all have a laugh together. 
This caused me to go through the never ending world of YouTube to find the most entertaining things possible. Some might be old some you might have not seen before but even if you have most of these are just so good you can watch them over and over again!

I know this video has about 97 million view but hey maybe you haven't seen it yet :D

This next one never fails to make me laugh. If you start watching it over and over again from 0:19 it gets even more hilarious... promised!

If you don't know Remi Gaillard you should really go research him he does some awesome stuff, just like this:

And the all time favourite:

And this one is just.... I don't even know what it is. Disturbing maybe? See for yourself :D

And if you don't know this one then you really have been missing out :D These are originally vines but someone put them together and made a YouTube video

Oh my good I can't... this is too good. We just rediscovered this it is brilliant.

If you manage not too laugh you are a robot!

Enjoy :)


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