14 October 2013

Musical Monday - Theme Songs

Hi everyone :)

It is no news to people who know me that I am a bit of a Lord of the Rings fan, that being the books or the films. 
And if only one of you is now trying to tell me that Dumbledore and Gandalf are played by one and the same guy I swear I will kill you! You are not allowed to make fun of that in my presence. If you can't tell the difference between the two then just please don't talk to me. 
That is how much I love the movies, just to give you an idea haha

But it is not only the beauty of New Zealand and the amazing story that J.R.R Tolkien wrote but also the brilliant music. 
There is a lot of good movies out there that have brilliant music playing in the background and a movie would be nothing without it's music but I will only focus on my favourite movie today. Otherwise I would probably not come to an end :)

Most of the time you doN't even really pay attention to the music but if you turn it off you realise how much is actually missing. 

I mean can we please just take a moment and bow down before Howard Shore for writing this? It is pure and utter amazingness for our ears to listen to.

Every time I listen to it I get the feeling that he really understood the world of Middle Earth or maybe even the other way round, he helped us get to know the world of Middle Earth through his take on the music he wrote.

The Hobbit theme is playful and fun and you can almost here to Hobbits being busy in their gardens, running up and down their hills and dancing in the pub. 

Or the Rohan theme:

It sounds almost sad and yet hopeful at the same time. Like it is dark and then suddenly there is light peeking through the tight leaf canopy. 

The whole soundtrack is brilliant!

And so is the soundtrack for the Hobbit also written by Howard Shore.
I mean you listen to this song and tell me that you don't get goosebumps:

I... I don't even have words for it. Mind blown....

And I am really looking forward to the next Hobbit movie in December :)


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