17 April 2014

Thank You

Hi everyone :)

Today is about you guys, about eery single one of you that has ever clicked on this blog and read one of my posts.
I am grateful for every one of you and I want to say Thank You.

Thank You for reading.
Thank You for coming back every day.
Thank You for putting up with me and my crazy ideas.
Thank you for staying with me if you are here more regularly.
Thank you for just deciding to tune in today.
Thank You for every comment that was left. I appreciate them all so much.

Just a general Thank You really. 
I have had this blog for almost a year now and I have been updating it with new post almost every day. Yes there were times when i couldn't do it because I was sick or simply to busy or just couldn't find anything to write about. 
I also had lazy days where I just forgot to be honest. 
But having this blog has really helped me. It is the place I go to if I need to get something out there but it is also the space that I go to with creative new ideas.
And it is my little project that I also worry about and have big plans for.
I like researching things and taking my time with a blog post and then the moment I press upload and all of you can read it.
I was a little shocked when I had 10.000 reads on this blog but even more so when I saw that people all over the world read it.
It is really mind blowing when you see that there are actually people you don't know reading your blog. Not just friends and family who are kind of obligated to do so, in a way :D

This past year has gone by so fast and I can't believe that this blog will turn one soon. It's a strange idea but I already am excited for it to turn to and then three and four and five. 
Because that is what I plan to do with it.
I really want to keep doing this and as long as at least one person a day reads it I will keep updating it.,

So Thank You for 1 Year!!!!


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