12 April 2014

Hamburg through my Eyes

Hi everyone :)

As you all know I have been in Hamburg recently and I have finally managed to edit all the pictures I took. Or just sorted out the ones that I didn't quite like, or didn't turn out the way I expected them to. So here they are :)

This is gonna be a post with a lot of pictures and a lot less words as I have a bit of a headache and I actually just want you to enjoy a bit of Hamburg. It is a fascinating city.

I absolutely loved this house, we saw it on our first evening in town and took a whole bunch of pictures. More than we needed to but well, it was my dad and I so this could probably be called normal for us :D

Yes I took a picture of a display window with bow-ties in it! They were pretty cool okay?

More Elefants... yeah!

And a pretty sunset :)

I think I waited for about 5 minutes till I actually got a bird in there. I was very proud of myself :)

I did really enjoy my stay in Hamburg and it is quite an astonishing city. And there is water, what is not to love?
I have lived in Wellington which is on the coast for a year and I really miss living close to the ocean so being in Hamburg was great.
It is totally worth a visit.


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