9 April 2014

How to store Make-Up

Hi everyone!

Ever looked at your make-up bag and thought this is s*** I can't find anything? I am sure you have and so have I countless times, so many times that I got annoyed enough to fix the whole situation.

So I went into Ikea and got the problem fixed. And now my make-up collection went from being an absolute mess in a bag to a nice and clean drawer that is perfectly sorted and well organized. 

I bought different bits and bobs since I don't have a Ikea wardrobe so their stuff doesn't fit perfectly in my drawers. 
It was fairly cheap as most things are in Ikea :)

I have put lips stuff, eye shadow, foundation/blush/bronzer and concealer/eye roll ons in separate little compartments. 
I keep my palettes at the side and in the little space at the back I have my eye make-up remover.

My nail polish and hair ties/clasps are kept in little separate boxes.

I love my new organized drawer and it has become so much easier to actually choose stuff as well and I don't forget about things I have, it'd great.
If you want to know what boxes and organizing stuff I used here are the links:
(you can get them in every Ikea!)


And now on to my brushes since I thought that would go quite well with make-up storage.
I can highly recommend all of them! Especially the Real Techniques one, all of the real technique ones really!

1. nutrimetics
2. zogva - 234
3. naked palette brush
4. zogva - 225
5. beliance 
6. beliance 
7. nutrimetics - angle brush
8. ebelin
9. real techniques - expert face brush
10. nutrimetics
11. catrice - eye liner brush

I hope this was enlightening... maybe not but it made me really happy that I have all my stuff so well organized now. 
Maybe it got you into the organizing mood as well, i can tell you it is very satisfying!


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