6 April 2014

Let's talk about Tom

Hi everyone :)

Yeah lets take some time and talk about Tom. Who is Tom you might now ask: Tom Fletcher. Still don't know who he is? McFly ring any bells? Or McBusted?
Still nothing? Lets try a different approach. Have you ever heard of 'My Wedding Speech', it is a really famous video on YouTube. Or 'From Bump To Buzz'. If you have never heard of any of these things let me introduce to you the very talented Tom Fletcher and his beautiful wife Giovanna.

source : mirror.co.uk

Tom for me is one of the most talented people there is right now. Not only is he a talented musician but he knows what do to with said talent.
And he seems to be a great person.
He landed his first big YouTube hit with the video of his 'Wedding Speech' which he usually intended for family members who couldn't join them for the celebrations. But up until now said video has over 13 million views ( I don't think he has that much family)
I have also blogged about him more than once, or lets say he has made an appearance on this blog more than once :) As he has never really been the main focus of a post.

Tom Fletcher is pure talent and creativity, so if you haven't seen his wedding speech, which is truly beautiful and sweet, here it is: My Wedding Speech.

Far more recent and probably just as brilliant and beautiful is the video 'From Bump to Buzz' which I don't even want to talk about further because I am going to make you watch it.

It is such a sweet gesture and just shows how much love this couple really has for each other and their child. 
I just believe that this is an amazing way of documenting your pregnancy and also having something to show your child when they are older.

Well done once again Mr and Mrs Fletcher :)

And I am apparently not the only person who has a lot of appreciation for this video, because Russell Crow was amongst the more than 8 million people who have seen the video. And this is what he had to say about Tom:


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