16 April 2014

My new found favourites and old loved ones I

Hi everyone :)

How are we? I feel like I have been exceptionally chipper these past view days. I am going to blame it on my life being organized for once and running according to a certain schedule. I like things being in order, not that I am a neat freak or anything. My mind is mostly a mess that is why I like the things I can control to be in place. 
But that is for a different post.
I feel good about sticking to the themes I had set for the blog originally, as well. So today is about something beauty related. 

Over the past year my skin has turned into a bit of a handful and I was in desperate need of a solution. One minute my skin would be super oily and the next I could almost scratch my skin right off my face because it was that dry. And I had a lot more spots as well, which I have never had that many of before. 
This all lead to me thinking that it was time for me to really invest in some proper skin care.
As I said, my skin is a being a little diva and I have tried countless off different things until I bought my first Clinique product. 
I can tell you I am in love and so is my skin. It still gets really dry from time to time but I have it under control with the products that I use in no time. 

I have mixed two products here as I use the facial soap for oily skin and the clarifying lotion for combination skin. It works quite well though :)

These products are genius, I promise and they are worth every penny. I have read that people complain about the smell of the products though, as they don't smell at all actually. Or well the facial soap quite frankly smells like soap without any kind of perfume, which makes them so good for people whose skin gets easily irritated. If you would rather have something that smells nice then well, maybe don't choose Clinique. 
Another thing I absolutely love about these new Clinique products, is the fact that the moisturizer isn't a cream but much rather a gel. Which basically means that it isn't so heavy on the skin and is readily absorbed by it. I also prefer their moisturizing gel over a primer under foundation just because it feels so light.

I have also never quite bothered with make-up removal before. I do now, as I have done some research on it and some of the pictures from people who never remove their make-up are pretty vile. Your skin needs time to recover and breathe, so alongside with my skin care routine stuff I also bought a cleanser. It is made for removing make-up without drying out the skin. 
(It's also in the picture above on the far right)

Another important thing: Eye make-up remover. I always find it better to first remove your eye make-up and then do the rest of the face. Firstly because most of the eye make-up removers are quite oily and secondly because I always find eye make-up to be a bit more persistent than the genreal rest :D
Especially if you use waterproof mascara, as I have without even knowing I did. Yeah I will read what it says on the mascara next time and not just buy one because the brush looks cool. 

One of my favourites is a new one by Clinique (who would have guessed) and the other one is a old friend from Douglas. I think it is actually from their won brand as far as I my understanding goes.
Both of these are 2 phase and need to be shaken before they are used. 
I am quite happy with both of these although I will admit to not buying the Clinique one again after it is empty, simple because the Douglas one is just as good and a whole lot cheaper. But if you can afford to spend a bit more money on a eye make-up remover please do buy the Clinique one, you won't be disappointed!

To conclude this first section of my favourites and recommending products to you I wills ay that sometimes investing a bit more money does pay off. I am so happy with all of these products even though they are a bit more expensive than what I am used to buying. 
Next week we will head over to actual make-up things. But if I had put them in today's post as well it would have gotten even longer than it is now :)
As I generally really do have an opinion about these kinds of things that I would like to share with you guys. In the hope that it might help you on your search for the perfect product for your skin. 


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