23 April 2014

My new found favourites and old loved ones II

Hi everyone :)

Here is part two of this little mini series. I might add a part three but that will be further down the line, definitely. 
Recently I went on a bit of a shopping spree for new make-up related things. I bought brushes and all these kinds of things.
I bought new things in the first place because my skin has really changed over the past let's say one and a half years and many of the products I used back than my skin now reacts to. 
So new things needed to be looked for and I had so much fun trying out new things.
And with this post I just want to show you these new products I bought but obviously only the good ones. Well the ones I like best anyway :)

Lets start with foundation and concealer

foundation: Clinique.even better with SPF 15 (shade: 24)
concealer: Smashbox. camera ready BB cream eyes SPF 15 ( shade: fair)

Both of these products aren't cheap, but as said in my last post relating to this (read it here), I am investing in higher quality products that don't dry out my skin too much. 
I am so so happy with both of these and they are definitely worth every penny I spent on them. 
When I went out looking for a new foundation, I knew I wanted one that was light to medium covered and wasn't to heavy on the skin. The woman in the store's first recommendation was a Clinique foundation, because they are always very good when it comes to allergies and stuff. She also got this particular foundation because I explained to her that I am allergic to sun, as in I get red dots that itch all over my skin if I go out too much in summe. Due to that you would think I wear loads of sunscreen but that actually makes it worse. So a foundation with a SPF is perfect for me, as it means I don't have to put layers of creams and stuff on my face whenever the sun is out. 
As a conclusion, if you have easily irritated skin that dries out fast do go for the Clinique foundation. And their coverage is really enough guys. You don't really need more, it gives you an even finish and you can always cover really bad spots with  a bit of extra concealer. 
Which brings us directly to the next product: the concealer from Smashbox. 
I again am more than happy with this product. I asked for a concealer that wouldn't dry out fast or sit heavily in the view wrinkles everyone has around their eyes. I also wanted one that didn't light up to much in pictures as some concealers do look really weird when photographed. They make you look like you drew a white stripe under your eyes or something. 
The woman very quickly came up with the Smashbox one and made my exceptionally happy with it.
Yes it is a bit pricey and my very thin student wallet cried a bit afterwards but if I were to buy it again (which I will) my wallet would cry happy tiers, as the price-performance ratio is nothing to complain about. I got exactly what I asked for.

Okay now on to the things that are a bit more fun!

I finally got my hand on the 'Naked Palette 3' and am a very happy bunny :D Thanks to a website I recommended a while back: feelunique.com (post)

Any NAKED palette you order comes with 4 packets of primer, which I always find very thoughtful.

1.strange  2.dust  3.burnout
4.limit  5.buzz  6.trick
7.nooner  8.liar  9.factory
10.mugshot  11.darkside  12.blackheart

If you are not usually one to wear primer please do with these eye shadows. Not because they don't stay in place as well as others but because these colours are far to pretty to have them moving around. I love all the colours so much, I couldn't even say which one is my favourite. What I particularly like about the Naked 3 palette however is the fact that there is no blacks in there. Even blackheart is brown based which is perfect for me, as I don't like how hard black sometimes makes your eye make-up look. 

Last thing I tried is this:

first lip liner, than lip gloss, than lipstick

It is the Nude Lips set from the Karadashian make-up line. It wasn't something I have always wanted but I thought I would give it a try. Now I have to say I use the lipgloss, which is the one in the middle, quite a lot, the rest: not so much. 
The problem I have with this is that it makes kind of a browny nude lip less than a beigy nude. I guess that is fine if you are a bit tan but if you are as pale as I am it looks a bit weird. 
Also the lip liner is very strong and even if you put the lipstick over it you can still kind off see it through. So really go easy on that if you are thinking of giving this product a try. 
On the upside of it all: the lip gloss tastes and smells amazing :D


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