19 April 2014

There is this thing....

Hi everyone :)

It is Easter tomorrow and there are a view things about it that I don't know what to think of. So I just want to get them off my chest and maybe here some opinions on it :)
Are we up for that?

So Easter has become this new big thing in spring that everyone seems to go crazy about and I don't get it. Like most people don't even know why we even have Easter and just take it as another excuse to get presents out of their family members.
Not cool people!
Easter shouldn't be turned into a second Christmas! I am absolutely against that. There was a segment on the radio the other day about Easter and it said that parents spend around 45 € on Easter presents. 45€ that is a lot in my opinion. 
We used to get something small for Easter and some eggs that made a great egg hunt. Egg hunts are all Easter needs really, they are fun enough for kids no need for a big present.
I don't think it is okay to turn Easter into a second Christmas. 

And I hate that people seem to slowly but surely forget why we had these holidays in the first place. Like okay don't go to church if you don't want to but please be aware of the meaning of this holiday you are celebrating.
Christmas was the birth of Jesus and Easter is celebrated because god gave his son so our sins would be forgiven and he than arose from the dead.
Teach your kids that, tell them he reason they are getting presents and let them decide for themselves if they want to know more about that please.

I mean these festivities mean so much more than just getting gifts and people just ignore that. I sometimes think it is a bit hypocritical of people who don't believe in god to celebrate them at all. Why would you? The reason it's celebrated doesn't mean anything to you so why do it at all?
We don't all have Ramadan do we? 
Same thing goes for this new trend that is fasting. Again the majority of people does it because it is hip to not eat certain things during this time before Easter but no one bothers to find out why we all seem to do it around the same time. 
Again it's the same with not eating meat on Good Friday, we just don't do it but tend to forget why we don't do it. 
I find that a bit sad especially since I am Christian myself and do actually know where all these things originated from.

Maybe it would be nice to learn the history of things once in a while and not just adopt them into your life.
And if this blog posts results in only one person looking up the meaning of some of these things I will be more than happy to have written it.

I also am going to bed now because I am going to church tomorrow morning :)


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