11 April 2014

Food Friday - Marley's

Hi everyone :)

While my dad and I were wandering around Hamburg hungrily, we came across a hotel that seemed to have a lovely restaurant attached.
We read the menu they had outside and decided to give it a go, as just by reading it we had already seen quite a view things we felt like eating.
Marley’s is the quite elegant restaurant on the ground floor go The Madison in Hamburg, with great food and friendly, courteous waiters.

The chairs look a lot less comfortable then they actually are and the decorations on the table are simple but quite tasteful.

I can’t for the life of me remember what my dad ordere but it was an Asian dish that they had on their daily menu so you are probably not very likely to have that. I had a ceased salad with salmon as I wasn’t feeling to adventurous. 

Before our food arrived we got a bit of bread and butter. I don’t know exactly what it was but they gave us this really thin almost crisps like bread that had caraway in it and it was soooooo good. I could have happily eaten a bathtub of that stuff, even though I do have no clue what exactly it was.

We both enjoyed our food a lot but the salmon I had was just exceptional. It just fell apart and was cooked to perfection. 

meet my very smug looking Dad :)

I have to say my dad and I quite enjoyed our late night dinner at Marley’s, they don’t have a lot of food on their menu but the things they do have are cooked with a lot of love.
So if you ever are in Hamburg, or even staying at The Madison do please check out this place. I can guarantee you will enjoy the food!



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