4 April 2014

Hamburg - 'Schönes Leben'

Hi everyone :)

Are you up for another post about Hamburg? I so am ready to relive this memory, because let me tell you it was a really really good one!
Both my dad and I enjoy some good food and since we only had the breakfast situation covered by our hotel, that meant finding places to eat for lunch and dinner. 
And we did find some pretty good places if I may say so myself. 
For now lets look at the cute little place we went to for dinner on Saturday.

‘Schönes Leben’ is situated in the ‘Fächerstadt’, which my dad and I stumbled upon by accident. 
We hadn’t really made any plans for dinner but were quite hungry, so we just strolled through Hamburg in search of some food.

And ‘Schönes Leben’ is what we came across. It was one of many little places in one street but it just looked a lot more inviting from the outside then the others did. And boy am I glad we chose to head in, as the food was absolute heaven.
The restaurant itself is placed in a really old house from the 17th century. Its decor is slightly tacky but did fit the place extremely well.

All the lighting is provided by chandeliers that are probably as old as the house itself and the painted ceiling is especially beautiful to look at.

As I did like the place quite a lot and couldn’t stop taking pictures I was very happy to hear that the toilet was on the second floor and I was able to see more of the gorgeous house. 
Upstairs they do have more dining room space that I presume is used for special occasions. The gallery is something I am quite envious of because I love these things and am quite keen on having one myself one day.

But enough of the interior design lets get to the good part: FOOD.
And my god was it good. My dad went for a classic dish very well known in Hamburg called  ‘Labskaus’ and I wanted something salady but just a plain salad sounded a bit boring so I went with goat cheese backed in honey with wild herbs salad and pomegranate. 
Before we got our mains however we got a little special from the kitchen which versprechen an excellent main course.
We also got some bread with a very tasty dip/spread.

Our waitress was really aufmerksam and was quick to answer all our questions, not only about the food but also the house itself which was a welcome surprise, that my dad took full advantage of. 
By the time our main course arrived, which was fairly quick might I add, my dad and I had happily demolished both starters we were given and were waiting for the rest of the food that was coming our way.

It looks great right?
I can tell you it tasted even better. I was fairly certain what my dish was going to taste like and what I had in mind but my dad was completely in the dark as he actually had no idea what exactly he had ordered.
He is a bit weird that way :D He just wanted to try ‘Labskaus’ no matter what it was, neither of us are completely sure yet about it’s ingredients but it did taste really good. Or so my dad said since I didn’t try it because we didn’t know what was in it :)

The goat cheese was more than delicious, it wasn’t completely melted yet and fell apart when you ate it. The strong taste of the cheese was evened out by the sweetness of the honey and the combination of both was absolutely great. I wasn’t so sure about the pomegranate but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It really turned the dish into something absolutely divine. 
I could have quite happily eaten twice the amount of cheese, that is how god it was.

So if you ever are in Hamburg and are in need of a good place to go to for some food please take my advice and make your way to ‘Schönes Leben’

Schönes Leben
Deichstraße 37
20459 Hamburg


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