5 April 2014

Youtube Treasures

Hi everyone :)

So I know we all use some type of social media but have we ever thought about what social media were like if it were a person?
I mean how weird would twitter be? Or Instagram?

Well I have never really thought about it much but apparently Troye Sivan has. If you don't know who that is you are seriously lacking some YouTube knowledge and might want to invest in some quality YouTube time :)
Here is the link to his YouTube channel.
So Troye Sivan apparently sat down and had a think about what websites would be like if they were people. And he seemed to come to one conclusion: If websites were people they would most definitely need therapy.
And I have to say I agree.

I mean how accurate is that?
And if you are now wondering if there is a part two, yes there is and it is equally as brilliant:

Lets just say I wouldn't want to be friends with twitter and I would find Instagram horrendously annoying if he/her/it? were my friend :D
But to be honest there is people in my life who do turn into Instagram sometimes. Taking pictures of everything and wondering what filter their picture will look best with.
I think there is a dangerous part to all social media and that is becoming to obsessed with it. I am a bit tumblr obsessed at times and even twitter gets me now and then but I try to keep it to a minimum.
So lets all just talk more to each other instead of using so much social media.
But don't stop reading my blog :D


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