2 April 2014

Hamburg - OOTD

Hi everyone :)

As you know ( if you read my blog) I have been in Hamburg with my dad over the last weekend.
It was a birthday gift also including a trip to a musical (Phantom of the Opera) which was amazing.

So I obviously needed to pack wisely as I didn't want to pack to many things.
I didn't know if it was going to be warm or not and I needed something that was easily transformable into evening wear.

This is what I packed:

blazer - h&m
blue shoes - h&m
white t-shirt - h&m
jewelry - I am
bag - new look
jeans - promod
vans - vans.com
flats - justfab
silk top - mango
striped knitted jumper - mango

I obviously also wore something on the train ride and our first day in Hamburg :)

jeans - promod, top - promod, necklace - family heirloom
I wore my black flats with this outfit and also my favourite coat.

coat - mango

It is the most comfy thing in the world and yes I am also talking about that chair :D I do realise that this might not be the best picture ever of me, but this one and this:

describe a weekend with me and my dad perfectly well :D The second one is my dad trying to be sneaky and taking a picture of me while I am still in bed. Yeah he thought he was hilarious.

But back to what we are actually talking about:
So for saturday our only full day in Hamburg I needed and outfit that would be suitable for a visit to the chocolate museum (don't worry a post about that will be going up this week) but would be easy to turn into something suitable for the musical we were going to visit in the evening. 
And because I didn't have that much room in my tiny suitcase I didn't have room for 2 seperate outfits for Saturday, so I wore this during the day:

With my navy blue blazer on top and the turquoise vans and for the musical I just switched my plain white t-shirt for a silk black top and changed my shoes.

For our last day in Hamburg and also the day we were going to spend 5 hours on a train again I opted for something comfortable and light because the weather was supposed to be really warm in Augsburg.

striped knitted jumper - mango

left+right ring - I am, ring in the middle was made by my cousin
I wore this with the blue shoes from h&m which are amazingly comfortable, but they do make your feet smell like the most vile cheese you can think of. Don't say you haven't been warned if you buy them :D

So I guess this blogpost was just here to show you what you can make out of a view simple things and that you don't need 3 different outfits that consist of different pieces of clothing for every day.
Hope you enjoyed this.
And just as a little extra, I have the tutorial to my hairstyle for the musical for you:

If your hair is a little shorter, like mine, just bring the two braids together in the middle and pin them there :)


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