7 November 2013

Throwback Thursday

Hi everyone :)

Sorry it got so late. I was talking to my mum for quite a while today after I got home from uni. 
It's really weird, I always talk to her the longest right before I see her again. 
Tomorrow I'll be going home for the weekend and to a concert with my mum on Saturday as an early birthday gift.
We still talked tonight though, so it got a little late:)
I actually forgot about time. It gets dark so early that I always think it's not that late yet because time can't have passed that quickly since it was 5 pm and got dark. But now it is 11pm and I should really upload this post :)

We talked about me as a baby and how I was growing up. And I got a couple of funny/ endearing stories to share.

Lets start with the first picture ever taken of me, at least if you don't count the baby bump ones.
This was taken in hospital after they made this footprint.

That guy with the amazing old school glasses is my dad
by the way :)

And yes I do only have 4 toes :D I don't really though. I have 5 toes on every foot and 10 in total but somehow on this footprint my second toe on my right foot decided it didn't want to be in the picture :D Yeah my toes have their own minds apparently.

I am not that much older in this picture but the reason I like it so much is, because I can't believe how small I was. I know we are all born fairly small but I mean my head is smaller then my dads hand, that just seems tiny. 
I now understand why I don't feel too comfortable with pretty young babies, they just look like they would be so easy to break. Like no matter what you do you can only hurt them. I remember the day my cousin gave me her daughter for the first time, I was terrified of doing something wrong. 

I have this picture framed in my room and I would love to be able to remember that moment. I can't imagine how safe you must feel being held like that. Just for someone to be able to wrap you in their hand and shield you from the world must be the best feeling in the world. 
On a bad day I just want to curl into myself and never leave my bed how amazing would it be to be held like that when you feel really down? 
I would give a lot for that experience. Wouldn't you?

'Oi what do you want?' :D

This one is just for looking at and admiring the endearing look on my face :D I think it looks hilariously cute if that is even possible :D
I have tried really hard to recreate this picture and post it up here but I have miserably failed. I am sorry!


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