15 November 2013


Hi everyone :)

I am a horrible person I know but there will be not be a proper post today. I am just to stressed out at the moment.

I have spend my morning writing a paper for uni and the rest of the day with cleaning this filthy place of a flat. Yeah that is what you have to put up with if you choose to live with 3 guys, not that I am complaining, but it does get rather dirty every now and than. And it is not like I don't let them clean but lets be honest here for a second: Unless there is enough dust for it to be visible and enough shaved off hair collected on the sink no one other than me will clean it up :D

Other than that I have been baking today and buying food for my birthday lunch tomorrow morning. Right now my cake is in the oven and the kitchen is half way cleaned which gives me about 20 minutes to write this and clean the rest of the kitchen.
And there still is a dirty hallway and quite a untidy bedroom waiting for me.
So I hope you guys can forgive me for not posting anything other than this bit of ramble. 
There will quite possibly be 2 posts on Sunday though, as I will have enough stuff for 3 blog posts by then :)

Enjoy your Friday night guys, which you will hopefully not spend with your arms deep in slop from cleaning and hurting knees from fidgeting about on the floor :D
Sorry for being a bit whiney tonight guys I just am really stressed and tired and as of right now there is no end in sight. 
But it will all be worth it tomorrow when a lot of lovely people come to visit to have a hopefully more amazing lunch with me :)

Just to entertain you at least a little bit tonight :)

Yes I will never get enough of this picture :D Because it states so perfectly what I wanted to do all day while I was cleaning1
And quite possibly some of this as well :

Have a good night :)


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