17 November 2013

Birthday Days

Hi everyone :)

Don't you just love birthdays? And not just for the obvious reason: presents.
I enjoy my birthday every year because I get to spend the day with people I truly care about and more importantly who truly care about me. 
I would never invite someone to a birthday party of mine just because they invited me, it just doesn't feel right.

Everyone should spend their birthday surrounding themselves with people they love whether that being family or friends. 
Last year my mum, dad, grandma, aunt, godmother and 2 friends of ours came to Augsburg for my birthday and it was a great weekend. This year however none of my family came, well except for my cousin :) But I still had the best birthday maybe a little more stressful in the whole preparing process but a great day nonetheless.

My dear friend M. surprised me by coming over on Friday and helping me out with all the cleaning and baking that was going on. And yes that was after my very whiny blog post. Sorry again for that one :D

We still stayed up till 2.30 am until everything was done, but that was a good thing because at around 2 am my sister called to congratulate me :)
And those lat night calls or the unexpected one from friend that you haven't talked to in a while are the best. The ones that you just don't expect to happen. 

Another thing that always makes me extremely happy are the kind of gifts that you didn't ask for but are really thoughtful. For example: I got headphones from my cousin because she remembered that I said I wanted those bigger ones like she had ages ago. Or the little monster salt and pepper pots from two of my friends. The know I love cooking and the little casters are just really cute :)
And even though I absolutely love gift (I mean who doesn't?) I don't need them. If all of those people had just come to my birthday lunch and had a good time that would have been enough. 
Like the two friend that arrived on Saturday. I don't see them often but when I do we always have a great time. I didn't get anything from them but they know me well enough to be sure that them coming was all that I needed from them.
I don't know how many of you would think talking s*** all day, eating to many sweets and crisps and having a silly High School Musical marathon would make a great birthday gift but I sure as hell do. 
That meant more to me then all the gifts that I got that day. And anyone who got me something and is reading this now: I loved everything so so much and thank you for getting me what you did. 

I know there always is the occasional friend who completely forgets about your birthday and that kind of hurts but don't let those feelings drag you down, embrace the time you get with people who didn't!

I guess what I am trying to say is: A birthday for me is about the people you spend it with and not what you get given.


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