27 November 2013


Hi everyone :)

Winter is upon us :) I for one love it. We have just had the first bit of snow here and our Christmas market has recently opened it's doors. I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit which also involves warm clothes to snuggle into.

This for me means a lot of knitwear. I absolutely love the warmth of it and how cosy wearing knitwear makes me feel. 
Knitwear is an absolute essential for me in winter, that being knitted jumpers or cardigans or scarfs or whatever else. Best thing are knitted socks though, no arguing about that please!

So in honor of all the great knitwear out there I have put together some outfits with the bits and piece I have in my wardrobe. 
Since I look a bit funny today due to the fact that I have spend the whole day studying at the library and it is really cold outside I will not torture you with having to look at my face today and rather just leave you with the clothes. That way you won't get distracted by how weird I look either :D

leather jacket: Zara, dress: h&m, necklace: promod, scarf: pieces

Wore this the other day but it wasn't as cold then. Although the dress is really comfy and keeps you quite warm :)

jumper: only, scarf: pieces, trousers: zara, top: h&m

I tend to wear a thin tip under the jumper depending on how cold it is and the jumper is a bit see through. But you could also wear it with a nice black bra underneath I have worn it like that before. 

jumper: zara, dress: h&m

I especially love this one because it is a bit less casual then the other to and you can wear it with a pair of boots or with heels and it looks great.

cardigan: asos, dress: mangoo

This is literally my favourite piece of clothing in winter, I am simply in love with this cardigan. It's long and so great for just throwing on on to of whatever is not warm enough. 

Enjoy the snow everyone :)
I sure do!


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