20 November 2013

Steve Booker

Hi everyone :)

I don't actually know how many of you are male or female so I thought I would do this weeks fashion input for all the male readers out there.
So hi to you it has been a while since something fashion related was actually useful for men :D

As the title of this weeks blog post already states we are going to take fashion advice from Steve Booker, a cool guy with great style and a good sense for fashion.
He not only has his own blog, where he recommends thing,s but also runs a Youtube channel.
Both of these platforms are focused on lifestyle and fashion and even though I am a girl I still enjoy reading his blog. He does have great opinions about combining colours and either wearing down outfits or pimping them up a bit. I know that he talks about that related to clothes for men but still take quite a view things away from it.

His blog is very well structured and not to full on. It has a clear design which makes it easy to actually focus on the content rather then get distracted by bright colours. I would go as far as saying it's a kind of 'grown up' look.

All the links to his social media sites are linked on his blog and I do recommend checking them all out.

taken from http://www.stevebooker.co.uk/

I like the outfit and the pictures isn't boring either. It's focus lies on what he is wearing but at the same time doesn't reduce itself to just that, which is what I like about all of his pictures used on the blog.

So do go and check out his blog as well as his YouTube channel for some input on everything fashion and lifestyle :)
YouTube - to see a bit of behind the scenes
Blog - for a bit of British style


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