17 November 2013

Creative Sunday

Hi eversyone :)

Blog post 2 of the day :)
Something creative to make your day a bit less grey and boring.

We all take selfies from time to time or try to make them great portraits but let me tell you none of us are as talented as Kyle Thompson. Well at least I am not :)
The portraits he takes of himself are amazing and not only that they also are the epitome of creative.

These pictures are beautiful beyond explainable. They are raw and deep at the same time. I absolutely love them.

I feel like there is a part of himself in every one of the portraits he takes like he is trying to take a picture of every side of himself.

Every picture he takes of himself is different it never shows the same person although it is always Kyle. 

I got all of theses off his Tumblr which you should really go and check out. There is not only self portraits on there and I am sure you will find more then one picture that absolutely blows you away! 

Also pay a visit to his Kickstarter.


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