22 November 2013

People are so cruel sometimes

Hi everyone :)

There is these two videos on Youtube that have both gone viral that I find funny although I probably shouldn't :D

So before we start we should watch them so we are all on the same page here :)

Snuffy the Seal

Bunnies can fly

Yeah so there we go. 
Both videos are quite popular and in both videos a somewhat cute animal dies.
And yet we tend to find that funny! I mean what is wrong with us?
Okay I will admit when I watch the 'Bunnies can fly' video for the first time I was kind off just waiting for something bad to happen because why else would someone put that on YouTube?
And that is just it: Why did there have to be something wrong with that video? Why do we instantly get this feeling that something like a hawk is going to eat it?
I am pretty sure that close to no one would have watched the clip if it would have just been a bunny running around in someones front garden.
Don't you find that strange? This need for something spectacular/unexpected to happen? 
And what's even worse is that we laugh about it. I felt really bad after watching it and laughing but I still did.
I mean poor kid her bunny got eaten or the kids in that first clip. They must be traumatized and yet I still find it funny.
Can't help it :D I am a bad person and i will admit it now, arrest me! :P

Did you laugh?
Do you think it's okay to laugh? 
I can't really tell why I did laugh maybe you can?
I mean it's probably the irony of it all. They nursed Snuffy back to health and were about to release him into the ocean and snap: He gets eaten by a shark. That is just so ironic but it also is nature so I guess there wasn't much we could have done about it. It's the same with the bunny: Hawks eat bunnies, it's just a little sad that it had to be this one.
Although the daughter in the clip did not quite get it :) And where the parents thought they had to explain how nature works to her she just said: Look mum the bunny can fly. 
The innocence of a child, it's precious :D


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