13 November 2013

What even is this?

Hi everyone :)

I had no clue what to write about today. I think i am a bit stuck in some sort of writers block right now. Or my creativity is just running low I have no idea. 
Which is not actually the reason I didn't blog yesterday but as you might have realised I didn't last week either. That is due to the fat that I have decided to take one day a week of to collect myself and think of new things to write about. 
Because believe it or not it actually is quite a lot of work to write a post everyday. Except for Monday's :D

So since today was supposed to be about fashion I came to realise that I actually have not been paying attention to what I was wearing over the last couple of days. 
I spend my weekend in leggings and big jumpers studying for uni and writing a paper. On Monday  winter really started. Or at least it was the first time it got really cold and I just wore whatever kept me warm. So lots of layers and scarfs and beanies. And today I spend in pyjamas because I am a bit ill. 
So this week has not been very fashionable for me :D
Maybe except for Friday night when I went to my godmothers birthday party with my mum. 
And since most of my clothes are either in the wash at the moment or still in my suitcase that I have yet to unpack I don't really have that many outfits to wear right now anyway.

So you will probably have to wait till next week when hopefully I will not only be dressed well again but also my writers block will be gone. 
I hate sitting in front of my laptop not knowing what to blog about. 

As a little side note:
I found this today which I thoroughly enjoyed :)
Its genius and kind of funny at the same time... Or maybe only I find that guy singing really high funny, I don't know :D


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