31 January 2014

Boyfriends and Stuff

Hi everyone :)

As I promised yesterday I have a little post for you today even though I am quite busy with studying for my upcoming exams. 
A couple of weeks back I managed to find someone who is probably as crazy as I am and who has since managed to turn my world upside down quite successfully. Not that I am complaining though :D

We all know that feeling of being fine on our own. At least I do. And I actually am fine on my own, granted I go for the occasional hookup but that's about it. I am perfectly capable of going my way without being in a relationship. Due to this though I always feel a bit weird going into one. 
I am good on my own have been for 2 years now and then suddenly there is this person that I can't seem to be without.
That concept just seems weird to me, always has! 
How after one moment you can suddenly become codependent and are just not able to be alone anymore. 
Just like someone snapped their finger and your ability to work on your own is being taken away.
I am not at all saying it is a bad feeling because don't get me wrong I love it but I just find it strange how it happens at all.
How you go from being an individual to being part of something so fast.
Maybe it just happened this fast with him now and is not usually this way but it's how it felt this time.

As soon as the question of whether what we had was actually something official or not was out something shifted in our dynamics of interacting with each other.
It's like he is that extended part of me that somehow belongs to me yet is completely it's own thing. 
And the scary bit is that it feels like it has been like this for much longer then we have been with each other.
Being with him is easy, strangely easy like breathing, it just came naturally.
And I sound really sappy right now :D Never thought I would be but hey... you never know till it happens :D

So yes I have a boyfriend who seems to be willing to put up with me and balance me out when I get a bit to crazy from time to time. That kind off works both ways though :)
I have stopped thinking about it too much and am just going with it right now. It feels right and good and as long as it stays that way I don't think I have much to worry about.

I have been in relationships before but it has never been quite this easy to just be with someone. There was always a lot more working for it involved, but I am in no way not grateful for the way it is right now.
He is crazy, weird, obnoxious (sometimes), makes me want to hit him hard now and again or kiss him silly just so he shuts up but that are all the things that make him that much more special to me, weirdly. I even want to be with him when he keeps joking around and can't take me seriously and when he keeps making fun of my English for no reason but the fact he's French and he can.
We are alike in more ways then are probably good for us :D 

And I did not realize that this post was kind of a love letter to him but hey :)
 If you read this (and I am fairly certain you will!) this is my moment: Don't steal it :D

Oh and just in case you are wondering: This is the idiot that decided it was a good idea to spend his time with me:

Okay you are not an idiot, love ...well you kind of are, still love you though :P
Oh and just so you know I am a fan of non-staged pictures they look a lot more real. And I don't think T. and me could actually keep a straight face for a decent picture. Our relationship kind of consists of us sending pictures to each other of the most ridiculous faces we can pull. You should try it some time it is hilariously fun!
So feel updated everyone :) And see you tomorrow!


ps: I have just realized that I didn't upload this post.... well it is up now!

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