10 January 2014

Food Friday - Nando's

Hi everyone :)

While I was in London there was obviously no way around Nando's. To all of you who don't know what that is: Shame on you :D And to all of you who don't have a chance of going there because you don't live in the Uk or New Zealand: I feel bad for you because Nando's is probably the most amazing place in the whole wide world.
Ok I might be exaggerating a bit but they do really have amazing food there.

So if you ever walk past a place that has this sign outside

go in and I am about to show you why you should :D

All Nando's restaurants are different in their interior so don't worry if yours looks different from the one we were at.
My friend and I were lucky enough to have a Nando's just minutes away from the hotel we stayed at so we decided to go there one day since he had never been.
The Nando's restaurants originate in South Africa and therefore do specify in South African cuisine. It is sooooo good people :)

They have short texts written on the walls which describe the legends about the recipes for their most famous food. 

And yes before you ask: That is a picture of the toilets but look at those sinks I just really fell in love with them  :)
Okay since I can already tell no one is excited about these as I am: lets move on shall we. 

Ordering at Nando's is fairly easy and if you have problems, there are a lot of very nice people who can help you out. 
I honestly have never met an incompetent waiter in a Nando's restaurant. 

My friend and I settled for some garlic bread, coleslaw and half a chicken and I had 3 chicken wings and fries and a chicken breast filet burger. We are both not that brave and only went for the Lemon & Herb seasoning with it.
And I mean you only have to look at it and it will make your mouth water. Just writing this made me crave Nando's so make sure you are ready for what you are about to see :D

With your food you can also choose from a variety of sauces to have with it. And when I say variety I mean this :

I am sure every single one of you will find something to suit them :) 

But the other thing that I love so much about Nando's is that they have a really creative menu. I mean they tell you how to order best and it literally says on there: Grab yourself any cutlery you need ( eating with your fingers is heartily encouraged)
What restaurant would put that on their menu? 
We had a great time not only because of the food but also because of the eating experience. Things like that sentence on the menu made us laugh more then once. So did the napkins :D

So if you haven't been to Nando's yet, which I am sure you have if there is a restaurant close to you, go! Definitely go. 

I will leave you with their website for any further information.


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