23 January 2014

Just Don't

Hi everyone :)

We all have New Year's Resolutions I guess, more or less. Most of which probably have to do with living healthier or starting some sort of new sport that will get us to the perfect weight, but lets just be real for a moment here: those resolutions are gonna stick with us for about a month or something and after that we are back to eating whatever we want and have given up on trying to loose weight.
So why not do something else instead? Why not do a little spring cleaning and do it early?
Yes it sounds like work at first but that is not at all what I am talking about. I want you to clean out some people.

Some of those people that only take away energy but you never actually get anything back.
Know any? Get rid of them they will get you no where!!

This is what I am talking about. Just don't!! :D
I mean yes he doesn't say what exactly but don't we all still know what he is on about? It is that one habit we don't like about ourselves that one thing that really gets us nowhere and is absolutely not doing us any good. Maybe it is us procrastinating every chance we get (and yes I do that as well. Trust me my flat has never been as clean as it is during exams time) or some other thing that we immediately had to think of.
So why not try to stop it?
It'll definitely be better in the long run and we might as well start now!

Same goes for certain kinds of people we all have in our lives. The people we spend our energy and time on but get nothing from. Why do it? It's a waste!!!!
And I am not talking about getting rid of a friendship that has cost you a bit of energy lately but otherwise is absolutely fine. No I am talking about people that keep coming to you for help or things that benefit them but if you actually need them they are busy or just not available for you.
Don't spend your time on them!
I do it a lot. I have these people that I turn into my charity cases but what do I get out of it? Nothing but the fact that they eventually go on my nerves and I feel like strangling them.
Might as well just left it at hello and never talked to them again!

Sounds harsh but is so so so good if you actually manage do just say: Okay I have had enough lets stop this here. And move on with your life.
If they don't wanna change they won't even if you keep talking their ears of or if they don't want to listen they wont no matter what you do. And saying I told you so wont do either of you any good.
So just don't!

This is nothing that will be done in a couple of days but lets make it our resolution for this year. Lets try to not waste time with things that will not get us anywhere or with people that will only cost us energy and nerves but will give nothing in return.


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