3 February 2014

Musical Monday

Hi everyone :)

I have this list of songs that I have had since I was probably around 14. It has basically stayed the same I have just been adding more and more songs to it but never actually taken any out. This list of songs has been on every music player or phone I have had since that time and I have lately taken it upon me to listen to the whole thing.

There are songs on there I didn't even know existed or remember every listening too. And there are some on there where I seriously had to ask my self what kind of phase I was in when I put them on there.

Like this song:

I didn't even know who it was from when it came on last night while I was getting ready after stepping out of the shower. And I have no clue what kind of ghetto phase I was in when I chose this song for my list, because I am not usually on for this kind of music.
But let me tell you this: It is a great song to dance around your room in underwear and just go with it and not worry about the fact that you probably look ridiculous :D

On a more serious note: I have a couple of songs that I absolutely love at the moment aside from the one above :P

Kodaline - One Day

Also love this song:

Family of the Year - Diversity

Enjoy your week everyone :)
I will spend it studying. My exams are all on Saturday so after that I will be back here for good, so Saturday evening is something to look forward too :)


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