26 February 2014

Lets be a bit more like Children

Hi everyone :)

Don't you sometimes wish you could be little again? Everything seemed so much easier back then. And it is in those moments that I realize that I don't actually want to be a child again but that is miss the carefreeness that kids have.

This is what we are lacking. We loose this ability the older we get and it is kind of sad. We forget what it feels like to experience things for the first time we forget what it means to experience life.
Yes we live it, we have gotten a hang of that but living in the moment becomes exceptionally hard the older we get.

I can clearly remember the summer days when it would rain and my mum would send us outside to jump around in the rain. And we think we grow out of that as we become older and mature but we shouldn't.

We should keep that within us! This carefreeness, the ability to see beauty in things like summer rain and the power to just let go sometimes, to laugh like nobody is listening and to dance like nobody is watching.
It's a shame that we don't do it as much as we used to when we were little.
Also do you remember how easy it was to make friends in kindergarten, why does it suddenly become so difficult once you turn a certain age?
In my opinion we think to much about things. When we all were children we didn't have to wonder wether that other child we are talking to really likes us or what impression they have of us, it didn't matter. But somehow as we become older it does, we get so stuck in our head with all theses things we think we have to consider when we meet new people that we forget about the actual meeting them part.

It's not hard to meet new people but we make it hard on ourselves to find new friends.
So why not let go sometimes and enjoy some childish things?
It's nothing to make fun of or laugh about, I think that being able to just shut the world out for the sake of enjoying the purity of a moment without having to conceal your feelings is a gift!
It is something to cherish and hold onto.

And maybe we will end up jumping around in the rain again, once summer comes around. Probably not with as much disbelief as Kayden and not with as much joy because we have actually seen rain before but maybe just relishing the moment.

I honestly do wish that for myself. I don't want to be so stuck in my head and I truly hope that I am not.
But here and now I am setting myself the goal to at least once go outside when it rains and enjoy it!


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