21 February 2014

Quick to Judge

Hi everyone :)

People are strange, including me. But one thing about all these strange people that I absolutely hate is how judgemental we get sometimes.
We judge people based on their looks, on the first impression we get of them and suddenly we have made up our mind and don't like them.
Or we think they are completely different than they actually are.
I mean some people who are overweight have a medical condition and they can't actually be blamed for being over weight. Other people who have a wonky nose might have had a straight one once but it got broken in an accident and now it's wonky.
Or this person who you have only met once and thought was incredibly rude may have just been extremely nervous and didn't have the courage to talk to loads of people, including you.

But still we judge these people without knowing the full story. Like this woman:

Her name is Lilly Velasquez and she was named the worlds ugliest woman by some people. No one bothered to learn her story they just put that very hurtful label on her.
How is that okay or fair?
Because this is her story:

And who are we to judge really? This woman is beautiful! Maybe not the kind of beautiful that fits our twisted ideal of beauty but boy does she have character!!

I am not going to say I wouldn't have judged her, but I am sure as hell thinking twice about it next time. These people, who we are so quick to put labels on, might have stories and lives far more interesting than ours.

So next time you think about judging a book by it's cover: Don't! Take your time to look again, you might make a friend for life!


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