15 February 2014

Discovering New Things

Hi everyone :)

So turns out the history of Valentines day is quite an interesting one and I would like to spend a bit more time on it. If you are not interested in hearing about it let me know otherwise I will blog about it sometime next week :)

For today it is all about trying new things.
Now I am not the biggest sports person and as I say this I don't mean doing exercises or playing a nice game of volleyball with friends, no what I mean is watching them.
I am just not that interested in watching people chase a ball around a field, I don't get it's appeal. Doesn't mean I have a problem with watching it now and again.
There are a view sports that I enjoy watching though, such as rugby, American football and as of lately ice hockey.

When this whole thing started out I had no clue what the rules of the sport were. Literally the only thing I knew was, that there were people on the ice trying to score goals and the small black thing that they chase around is called puck. I didn't even know how many players were involved or how the game worked.

While now I find myself enjoy watching a sport I never thought about before and am understanding the rules. Or I am getting there :D
I never thought watching an ice hockey game could be as much fun as it is. The atmosphere in the stadium is amazing. I have never been to any other sports stadiums before so I have nothing to compare it to but it's brilliant. In all the games I have been to everything seemed so much more alive and active.

halftime :)

Obviously it also has a lot to do with who you share an experience like this with and I do have some great people who like going to games as much as I do.
And he might kill me for saying this, but the first game was probably only fun because my boyfriend is the most hilarious person to watch when he is really into something. He gets so involved in a game emotionally, that he literally flips when our team doesn't win. You can not talk to him about it even weeks after. The first game I went to, we lost 4:1 and he is still kind off upset about it :D My friend and I who had no clue what was going on probably just enjoyed it because T. was getting so angry at the world for our team (AEV) loosing. It was brilliant and very entertaining.

C. and I at our first ice hockey game
As I mentioned before I had no clue what was going on down there on the ice. I felt like the slowest person ever because most of the time I couldn't even follow the puck. It got to a point where C. and I thought we would just have to watch out for the biggest crowd of people and that's where the puck is but we couldn't have been more wrong. Most of the time the puck is long gone and the players are still huddled and fighting.  

And yes ice hockey absolutely is a violent sport but I enjoy it nonetheless.
It is a totally new thing I went along with just because people I liked were going and it turned out to be something I thoroughly enjoy now. 

If you read my blog more regularly, you might know that this is my boyfriend (T.) and you will also have already seen this picture. What you don't know however is, that it was taken at an ice hockey game :) And yes it also was the sport that got us to spend more time together, so there is another upside to discovering this new sport :D

What I am trying to say is: Try new things even if they look like something that you might absolutely dislike. Go along with friends to things they enjoy and if you figure out that you don't like it then just don't go again. However it might turn out to be your new passion. 
We sometimes get so stuck with only doing things that we are comfortable with that we miss out on all the other amazing things out there.
Next time a friend asks you to come along to one of his basketball games just say yes and go. Not only will you make your friend happy but I promise that even if you turn out not to like basketball, seeing one of your friends play will most certainly be fun.


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