15 January 2014

Everyday Makeup

Hi everyone :)

Since I don't have a Youtube channel where I post beauty videos such as everyday makeup tutorials or things of that sorts I have to improvise a bit on this one :)

I, like probably a lot of you out there, love to experiment with the makeup I put on everyday from time to time. It just gets boring if you always were the same things and just vary them for lets say a fancy dinner or when you go clubbing with you friends.

I for myself also change up my makeup depending on the season. I for example hardly ever wear lipstick put when I do it mostly is in winter. I also tend to wear darker colors in winter and autumn.
Today I have 2 tutorials for you with looks that are both really wearable. I do switch between both of them quite a lot depending on how much time I have in the morning.

The first one is from Tanya Burr. I am guessing most of you will have heard of her before, at least if you do spend a bit of time on Youtube.
Also do go and check out her channel, you will find a lot more helpful tutorials, some fun collaborations with other Youtubers and various other fashion related things.

The 2. tutorial is from a fellow blogger :) I have been reading her blog for quite some time and not that long ago she started her own Youtube channel. If you want to check out her blog as well, you can find that in the link section (Blogs I read) where I have recommended some blogs.
Her tutorial is a lot less professional but lets be honest for a moment people: Who of us is? I have to admit me putting on makeup looks a lot more like Lydia then like Tanya :D
I also think it makes the video a bit more relatable and more everyday-y.

My everyday makeup at the moment does actually look exactly like Lydia's minus the lipstick. I mostly wear the Dior 5th avenue with it, since I finally bought it at the airport :D

Have fun recreating those and maybe it helped you a bit :)


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