9 January 2014


Hi everyone :)

I will say it now and I will only say it once because I am kind of embarrassed by it: I have writers block. I have no clue as to what I could blog about.
In addition to that: I have upcoming exams from uni and although I might only have 3 to write I want to rock those, so I have kind of been slaving away for uni.
And no my brain won't work anymore. Well it kind of hasn't for the past week not properly and the way I want tit to anyway.

So please be patient with my while I try to regain my creativeness and during that process jumpstart my brain so it does what I want it to again.
I feel like Middle High German has ruined me for all other studies, because I have been trying to get that stuff in my head for weeks now and I am still as wise as a potato.

Wish me luck and I shall see you when I see you.


Ps: that post about being born in the wrong country is kind of criticizing the German's but more so the fact that we seem so boring to outsider's and that no on really seems to bother to change that. To all German people who really identify with this country: God for you I was not trying to offend you!
Thank you to the lovely person who pointed this out :) Your criticism was highly appreciated!

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