25 January 2014

The Rickshaw Run

Hi everyone :)

I am guessing a lot of you have probably never heard of the 'Rickshaw Run', well neither had I until some of the YouTubers I watch decided to participate.
But first things first: What even is the Rickshaw Run?

Since founded in 2006 the Rickshaw Run has teams of 2 to 4 people driving a rickshaw through India. The town the run starts in and the designation are given everything else is up to the teams.
The purpose of the Rickshaw Run is to raise money for charity, so whilst driving halfway across India each team tries to raise as much money as they can.

Last year Jack and Finn Harries decided to take part in the run and take a couple of friends along for the ride, and you can tell from the little mini series the put up on their channel (Jacksgap), that the Rickshaw run was probably the adventure of a lifetime.
Also they managed to raise a total of 177,496$ for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a great charity that supports teenagers with cancer.

They documented the 2 weeks they spend driving 3 tuk-tuks through India in a 4 episodes series that is very interesting to watch. With beautiful sunsets, crazy drives through thunderstorms and some 1st class singing :D

It looks like so much fun but at the same time I would have probably shat my pants more than once during that trip :D Either way I think it is incredible that you can have that great of an experience and at the same time help out some people who really need it.
Well done guys :)

One of the YouTuber's that came along ( Ben Brown) makes amazingly beautiful little films called Visual Vibes, be sure to check that out on his channel as well. 
And Max Cantellow took some breathtaking pictures which you can find on his Instagram.

If you want to find put more about the Rickshaw Run, go check out their website.


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