24 January 2014

Food Friday - Porridge

Hi everyone :)

Who loves breakfast?
I have to admit I am the biggest fan of breakfast, that being pancakes, yogurt with cereal and fruit or eggs on toast with Marmite.
I just love breakfast in every shape and form it comes in, but lately and generally during the winter months I have been enjoying porridge.

I usually go traditional and have it with some sugar and cinnamon but I thought I would show try some different ones to give you guys a bit of an option :)
Since I am not actually a chef (sadly, but true :D) I have been looking around for some good recipes and have come to find one on a platform we all know: YouTube.
Not only do I quite like porridge but I also am a little fan of Jamie Oliver, so it's a good thing those to things go very well together :D

I am not only showing you these though, I have obviously tried all of them and the banana one is to die for. 
But being the creative person I am and having this need to not stick to recipes, caused me to mix the chocolate into the banana porridge, since we all know chocolate and banana is a excellent combination.
Let me tell you that makes the whole thing even better. As another option you can just eat some banana with the chocolate porridge, if you are not as happy to try out new things as I am. 

I can also imagine the fruit thing to be really good with fresh fruit. I used fruit from my grandma's garden that she had frozen cause she couldn't eat it all in summer. 
It wasn't fresh but still really good. And if you fancy your breakfast with a lot of calories you can eat the fruity one with whipped cream, heavenly!!

Enjoy your breakfast :)


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