11 January 2014

The Tutu Project

Hi everyone :)

Have you heard of the Tutu Project? No?
Well don't worry I am here to tell you all about it :)
The Tutu Project arose out of Bob Carey's love for his wife. In 2003 Bob's wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer and Bob was trying to figure out a way to bring a smile back to her face.
He started this crazy little thing where he would take pictures of himself wearing a pink tutu. Much like this one:

He does these in all kinds of different places. Some in the middle of Times Square in New York or in the middle of a snow covered road.

This all started off with Bob taking these funny pictures to make his wife laugh but has turned into so much more now.
He is not only making his wife smile now but also many other women with breast cancer and his little photography sessions have turned into a charity project.
You guesses right: the Tutu Project was created.

The Tutu Project helps raise awareness for breast cancer and supports a charity called Carey Foundation that provides support to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

I think Bob's and Linda's story truly is an inspiring one. He only wanted to brighten his wife's day and it turned into something that is helping countless amounts of women who are going through the exact same thing as his wife.
His support and love for his wife are amazing.
Tutu Project website: http://www.thetutuproject.com/

I think we all don't value our health enough. We get to do so many incredible things every day and take them for granted whereas other people are just not that lucky.
That is mostly the reason why I try and donate to a variety of charities that support all different kinds of causes.
I feel lucky and privileged to have to life I do and if I not drinking coffee everyday results in being able to donate 10€ every month to charity then I am more then happy do to that. 

So if you can and fell as lucky as I do why not save up some money and give it away?
If not the Tutu Project, there are many other great charities out there that deserve to be supported :)


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