31 July 2014


Last weekend two of the AuPairs I met in New Zealand came to stay at my place. It was kind of a spontaneous decision but one I wouldn't want to have missed. 

Both L. and D. arrived in NZ a little later than I did so we didn't spend a whole year there together. In fact we didn't even spend that much time together at all but somehow managed to like each other either way. L. and D. are incredibly beautiful human beings and I am not talking about looks (although they are quite beautiful in that department as well)
The three of us just seem to fit together even though we don't spend a lot of time together. In fact I hadn't seen either of them in two years, but when I heard they were coming to the south of Germany I immediately offered them a place to stay. Having them in my home just seemed like something that could be fun and as it turned out it was. 

Things like that make friendships special and they also are what I love about people you have real connections with. 
There will be people in your live that will make it really hard for you to truly connect with them. Even if you spend every waking minute with them. And then there are those who you just instantly seem to click with. And no matter how much time you spend apart you never loose that connection. 
These are the friends that you should keep. We spend far to much time running after people we want as friend then we do with friends who we are already pretty close with. I would rather have 10 of those then 100 people who it just takes o lot of energy to stay friends with. 
I know this sounds very easy but I just feel like we would be a lot happier if we got rid of people who just take energy.

Friendship is a two way street and I know that some of the people you don't really connect with put in an effort as well but evidently you will loose contact with them. It just takes to much effort.
And yes you should work on a friendship and never stop investing time but it has to be effortless on the most basic level. 
A friendship should never feel draining!

So L. and D. spend a weekend with me and I showed them around Munich for a bit and we had a great dinner at a Bavarian restaurant (I will blog about it tomorrow). 
And the thing that really showed me that this feelings about the friendship were mutual was not only the god conversations we had and the fun but also the fact that they left me a little note. 
When I made my bed after they had left I found a card underneath one of the pillows and I might have even shed a tear.

Those are the kind of friendships you want to keep. The ones that surprise you, challenge you and make you feel loved in the most simple ways.


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