2 July 2014

Summer Dresses

I was short on summer dresses so what better place to restock than an asos sale? So I got my computer out and started my shopping madness. I got all of the stuff I have ordered yesterday but I will only keep three of the dresses I bought.

So without further ado:

Since I thought it might be nice to see what kind of make-up I would wear with the dresses I put that up as well :)

1. Outfit:

dress - asos
shoes - h&m

foundation - clinique (even better SPF 15, 24)
mascara - Maybeline (Big Eyes Rebel Black)
kajal - Manhatten ( Khol Kajal Eyeliner, cha cha choco 96W)
nail polish - Natio (Berry You)
lipstick - P2 (pure color, 090 red square)
blush - nutrimetics
perfume - Christina Aguilera

2. Outfit:

dress - asos
shoes - just fab

nail polish - Manhatten (Collection)
perfume - Parada Candy
palette - Real Techniques Modern Natural Make-up Kit
mascara, kajal and foundation: see above

3. Outfit:


dress - asos
shoes - h&m
flower crown - cotton on

lipstick - Revlon (colorburst lip butter, 090 sweet tart) 
eye shadow - Urban Decay (Naked 3)
nail polish - Scotch (natural, atholl brose)
mascara, kajal and foundation: see above

All of these outfits are extremely me and I am really happy with the purchase. I have already worn the dress with the ladybugs and hearts and managed to stain it as well :D All the dresses are fairly short but they are supposed to be worn when it is hot out so I am not complaining. I especially love the fabric of the pink-is dress and the flower cut out around the waist accentuates it perfectly.
And if you feel like buying a new dress yourself, head over to asos their sale is still on!


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